Monday, April 8, 2013

smut for Give it all or nothing .


    we walked into my room tripping over stuff, and half making out. "I want you inside of me." she whispered into my ear. I felt a chill go down my spine, and tensed up. "Oh, just wait baby." I said back to her. We fell onto my bed, and could hear my mom and dad still yelling at each other. This is a bad time to have sex, but im horny as hell I thought to myself. I rolled over and started taking off her clothes. "Nuh-uh. Not yet." She said. I looked down at her, and my face got bright red, as i knew exactly what she was going to do. She rolled over on top of me, and started unbuttoning my jeans. I felt the bulge in my jeans and made her get them off quickly. Once she got them off, i stood up for her. She kneeled down, and started plaming my balls, and gently sucking on them. It felt amazing. She stopped, but i told her to continue on, as it felt so good . "Nope. Time for the shaft." she whispered. I looked at my door, and my mom was standing there. I didnt care though. I told Kayla to continue on, and not stop. My mom backed out slowly, and began yelling at my dad again. "Mmmh." I moaned loudly. I pulled her up and began kissing her all over. I pushed her onto my bed, and jumped on top of her. I slid her pajama pants off, and played with her outside of her panties. I pulled off her shirt, and palmed her boobs. "So soft." I whispered. I crawled under the duvet, and she did the same. I slid her panties off and put my hand down there. I began rubbing her clit and i could tell she liked it. She groaned my name, and I knew it was time. I slowly slid my dick into her pussy and began thrusting. She moaned and groaned and began screaming my name. my bed began creaking and everything got quiet. we both hit a climax, and i rolled over next to her. " i didnt know you had that in you." She said to me quitely. I cuddle next to her, our naked bodies making contact. I was breathing hard, and gasping for air. ''Neither did I." I said back to her. I pulled her closely and held her tight. I pushed the hair out of her eyes, and kissed her on the forehead, and fell asleep.

Friday, March 1, 2013

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guys ! i deleted my OneDirectionFanfiction account it was too much to handle. but keep reading my stories! i'll be updating my Ed Sheeran Fanfic soon!!!! :DD
also, i'll be having a One Direction giveaway!!! find me on youtube, and subscribe! i'll be giving away plenty of One Direction goods! (: so find me on Instagram or youtube. either on works. (: you'll get more information if you find me on youtube tho.. also, the quotev number 2 is where my true story is!!!!!read ittttt!!!!!!!!!!!!! pwease ? :(

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so, my last most recent post is partially false. Im not making a new Larry fanfic. Im making a true story based on my love life. its called Give It All Or Nothing (Based on a true story). Find it on Quotev!!!(:

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Hey there ! im writing this to inform you that i will be writing a new fanfic named "I'll Do Anything For Your Love." It will be a Larry Stylinson fanfic.. I've always wanted to write one and well , whats a better day to do it then when its a sunday , and you dont have school tomorrow cause its presidents day ?! (: If you get around to it , could you please possibly read my latest fanfic named "In love with a guy ive never met" That one is a Ed Sheeran Fanfic. I havent gotten around to finish it , but it will be finished before spring break! (: so all you Spring Breakers will have something to do while traveling or whatever! xxxxx
-4Nips_HoranHips. ♥

Sunday, February 17, 2013


imagine ; being in a relationship with Niall for 5 years and he asks you to marry him <3 (:


 hello there! as you've been told i have made a ALL NEW blog, since my last one was hacked and taken over. i have no idea how to work this but hopefully it goes far! im excited about this year, and i think it'll go good! Im currently making a fanfic named "In love with a guy ive never met" its a Ed Sheeran fanfic!!!(: for now, i'll leave you with a picture of harrys green flecks! love you ! xxxx